All about AATU dog recipes

At AATU, the health and fitness of your dog is our biggest priority. As pet owners and dog lovers ourselves, we’re passionate about providing not only the best quality of food for your own companions, but helping them to thrive in the process.

With plenty of research and dedicated resources, we’re proud to be able to provide trusted British recipes for your dogs with our products.



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Our approach to dog nutrition encompasses both modern science and ancestral dietary habits. Whilst a carnivorous diet is no doubt exceedingly important for dogs (providing them with the adequate amount of protein needed to thrive) we also believe in the benefits of a holistic diet supplemented with fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and botanicals.

We call this the Super 8 - a combination of 32 carefully selected ingredients, each chosen for their own unique nutritional benefits. From fruits like oranges, high in natural antioxidants like Vitamin C, to mineral-rich aniseeds which are chosen for their benefits for cardiac, bone and blood health, each addition to our recipes is carefully researched and selected by nutritional experts. Subsequently, our products can offer 100% of the essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids that your pet requires for optimum health. We aim to look after your pet whether old or young, giving them the best chance against illnesses such as heart problems, and generally providing them with the highest quality of life through their fitness.

This is just one of the reasons why we’re fully recommended and approved by British vets and pet nutritionists. We take extra care, not only when researching and devising our recipes, but further into the actual production of each serving. Rather than mass producing our products, each recipe is handcrafted in small batches and slow-cooked to ensure that none of the ingredients or their nutritional value is lost during the process.



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Meat is a vital component of each of our recipes, and we select each product that we use based on its nutritional benefits; from salmon, the flavour of our dedicated puppy range due to its exceptional levels of Omega-3, to the high amount of protein found in good cuts of lamb; we don’t subsidise on any element of our products.

We also believe in ethical, environmentally conscious sourcing for our ingredients; all are 100% natural, sourced wherever possible from local British farms to reduce our food miles. Not only is this better for the environment which we share with our pets, but working with trusted establishments helps assure us that our product is as healthy as possible. Our chicken and duck recipes are sourced from free-run barns where they can roam freely, whilst our fish products are from locations that practice sustainable, responsible fishing.

Knowing and trusting our sources is important - we want to know exactly what’s going into our pet food. We don’t believe in bulking out our food with GM products, artificial flavours or preservatives, and we also don’t believe in using fillers like grain, gluten or white potato, having worked with dog nutritionists to establish the benefits of a hypoallergenic diet for dogs with sensitive digestive systems.

Another big no from us is the use of animal derivatives. We don’t trust companies who aren’t explicit about their ingredients. We believe in the singular use of high quality cuts of meat with ethical sourcing for the benefit of pet nutrition, and you’ll never find anything less in an AATU product.



We’re always working towards the next recipe, or the next discovery in animal nutrition. Our mission is to see more happy, healthy dogs living long and fulfilling lives, so we’ll keep working to perfect the AATU combination.

But we think we’ve done a good job so far. Interviewing owners and observing their pets as well as our own has given us a good understanding of what a dog needs - and wants.

As well as being nutritious, healthy dog food needs to be palatable. That’s why we source such good quality ingredients for every batch of our pet food - if it’s not good enough for our plates, it’s not good enough for our dog’s bowls. Our holistic recipes aren’t just healthy - they’re tasty too - which is why Roxy and Rory just can’t get enough:

Two dogs with AATU duck flavour dog food

We don’t just work for dogs - we work for owners, too. If you’ve got any questions about our recipes or your dog’s diet, feel free to get in touch with our customer service team, who are always happy to help. Alternatively, follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. And if you’ve got any pictures of your dog enjoying their healthy dinner, make sure to send them over!