How AATU Looks After Your Pet From Young to Old

How AATU Looks After Your Pets From Young To Old

It often surprises us that many people don’t realise that the dietary requirements of their dogs and cats are ever changing. Like humans, animals have different nutritional needs dependent on their age due to the changes that their bodies go through during different phases of life.

Here at AATU, this is something that we recognise - learning to care for a puppy or kitten is different than discovering how to care for an elderly pet. However, unlike other pet food companies, we don’t have different products for every walk of your pet’s life (although we do have a Puppy range.)

Why? Because after years of research, studying animal nutrition and interviewing owners, we’ve created a recipe that will support your dog or cat regardless of their age due to the high nutritional content our products contain.



Young and full of energy, puppyhood is a prime time in the life of your dog - provided that they are being cared for correctly. As their initial maternal immunity begins to wear off, their own immune systems will not be fully prepared to deal with infections or illness - so a puppy that is not receiving a high enough nutritional content will be very vulnerable. Our products contain herbs such as thyme, which contains nutrients found to prevent disease whilst promoting health, alongside containing Thymol which has antiseptic properties - ideal for puppy nutrition.

AATU for puppies is handcrafted and packed full of essentials. This includes vital ingredients for growth and development, all included in our bespoke Super 8 recipe - a combination of 32 fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and botanicals, all chosen specifically for their health benefits. It’s tasty too - Bia loves it:

grey puppy on the kitchen floor with bag of AATU for puppies

Additionally, AATU products are all high in meat content, with puppy products being 85%. This is because meat is such a high source of protein, which is important for the health of dogs of any age, but is especially essential for puppies due to the incredibly high levels of energy that they possess.

Growing dogs often struggle with digestion. AATU products are easily digestible, having been cooked with our ‘low and slow’ method.



ginger kitten asleep on the floor

Just like puppies, kittens can become very vulnerable if not adequately supported during their early days of development.

Although we don’t have a specific range of kitten food available at the moment, AATU for cats can be fed from 4 weeks and is perfect for kitten nutrition. It contains all of the nutritional content required to help your kitten thrive - in particular, our Salmon and Herring variety is ideal for younger cats, as it has a high content of salmon oil which is a huge developmental aid. Our kibble is quite large, so we’d recommend soaking it in warm water and crushing it to make it more suitable for smaller mouths to consume.

All of our cat food has an 85% meat content. This is because the ancestral diet of cats is carnivorous - they require a high meat diet in order to survive and thrive. Subsequently, the high protein content here is ideal for your kitten, who will have a huge energy levels in their younger years.


Adult Pets

The combination of the Super 8 concept, combined with our high meat content in both dog and cat food ensures that the health of your pet will be continually supported as they grow. While portion sizes will need to be adjusted as they grow in concordance with the declining energy levels of growing pets, you’ll be able to do this easily to ensure your pet continues to maintain a healthy weight.

If you do notice that your pet seems to be becoming overweight, do take note of our guide on how to help your pet lose weight in a healthy way.


Older Dogs

black and white dog on sitting on the sand

AATU for dogs contains a meat content of 80% - slightly less than puppies, due to the decreasing energy levels that you will see as your dog gets older, and gradually enters old age.

With AATU, you don’t have to worry about finding a new product to feed your dog once they reach a senior age. This is because AATU is already packed full of all the nutrients that’ll benefit an ageing canine.

For example, the Super 8 combination includes vegetables like Yucca, which is known for reducing inflammation and helping with the treatment of arthritis symptoms - a condition that many older dogs will suffer. Parsley contains a high level of vitamin K, which has a positive impact on osteopathic activity in the bones, which need extra care in an elderly animal.

Another benefit of AATU products? All of our recipes are grain free, free from artificial flavourings, preservatives and GM products. All our food is hypoallergenic to make digestion easier, and takes a holistic approach rather than containing filler products that are the equivalent of human junk food.


Older Cats

black and white cat looking at the camera

The same principle applies to an ageing cat. The Super 8 recipe is exactly the same as in AATU for dogs, which we have thus far only scratched the surface on in terms of its health benefits.

Further advantages specifically for ageing pets include Fenugreek, which has been the subject of several studies interested in the treatments of its antioxidants, thought to help slow ageing and prevent disease. Aniseed is abundant in minerals which are essential to cardiac, bone and blood health, while nettle leaves also demonstrate benefits in the treatment of arthritis. For an even more extensive look at the Super 8 diet and how it benefits the health of your feline, have a read of a previous article that we’ve written on the subject.

Do you have a senior canine or feline companion at home? Or is your four-legged friend still in the early stages of their development? Regardless, we love hearing about them. Join in our pet-related conversations on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, and be sure to send in any pictures you might have of them enjoying their AATU dinners!