What Makes the AATU Formula Unique?

Here at AATU we created our premium pet food because as owners ourselves, we recognise the importance of maintaining the health and happiness of your dog or cat. But how do we do this? And what makes the formula behind AATU products so unique?

It all starts with our bespoke, holistic approach to creating our recipes.


Protein and meat content

As naturally evolved carnivores, your cats and dogs need to get their high protein requirements from meat. This is the reason for the high meat content in our recipes, with an 80/20 combination for dogs, and 85/15 for cats.

We choose high quality meat with bundles of goodness, rather than bulking our products out with animal derivatives or GM products, which are the pet equivalent of junk food, like many other brands. Additionally, all of the meats selected have their own unique health benefits:

  • Chicken - Naturally low in fat and gentle on digestion.
  • Duck - Packed with protein
  • Turkey - Delicious and naturally lean
  • Salmon - Naturally rich in Omega 3
  • Shellfish - Another great source of Omega 3
  • Lamb - Great source of protein and essential amino acids
  • Pork - A highly palatable meat source, also a great source of protein
  • Beef - Another good source of protein and full of essential minerals such as iron

All are sourced responsibly and reliably. Our holistic pet food ensures only the best for your cat or dog by taking a more natural approach to production.


H4 - 80/20 dogs, 85/15 cats

sad dog lying on the floor

Different animals hold different dietary requirements, and therefore they need different protein intakes. Your dog is technically classed as an omnivore, however they benefit from a high protein diet. A lack of protein is detrimental to a dog’s health, and will negatively impact everything from the shine of their coats to their energy levels, which may lead to weight gain.

With cats, things are a little different; they are ancestral carnivores, meaning unlike dogs they require a high quantity of meat in order to thrive. This is because they can’t produce their own taurine, an essential amino acid for maintaining a healthy digestion process, benefiting muscle function, vision, the heart and even dental care. Our recipes are enriched with plenty of taurine through to ensure that these nutritional needs are being met.


H2 - Super 8

AATU super 8 logo collage

Alt Text: AATU Super 8 recipe combination collage.

So what makes up the rest of our food? Well, let us explain. This is where the Super 8 comes in.

AATU’s bespoke Super 8 recipe is a combination of 8 fruits, 8 vegetables, 8 herbs and 8 botanicals and spices. Each of the 32 ingredients have been well researched and carefully chosen to provide the best results for your beloved pets. The chosen ingredients provide your cat or dog with the nutrition they need, such as; B-complex vitamins, vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids whilst also aiding digestion, lowering blood sugar levels and providing dietary fibre.

Each addition to the Super 8 combination has its own unique health benefit, from the inclusion of peppermint which helps control blood cholesterol and blood pressure, to the antiseptic properties provided by marigold.


H2 - Hypoallergenic

golden retriever lying in the grass

Animals are creatures with sensitive stomachs, and can easily encounter problems with run-of-the-mill pet food. It’s surprising yet disappointing to know how many pet food brands are really just selling owners junk food with little to no nutritional content, and bulking out their kibble with GM products, artificial colours and flavourings.

Particularly for dogs, who are known for their sensitive digestive systems, problems arise in pet food that has been packed full of common allergens like white potato, grain and gluten. We exclude all of these products to ensure that all of our recipes are hypoallergenic and suitable for the fussiest of stomachs.

Additionally, to ensure a more holistic diet for your pet, we handcraft our recipes in small batches rather than bulk producing. This means that we can be sure our end products are natural and the highest possible quality.


H2 - Your pets come first

We’re very proud of our pet food, and feel as though we’ve reached our goal of providing a more natural, holistic and evolutionary feeding experience for your cats and dogs. After years of research, observation and interviewing owners, who really are the advocates for their animals, we think we’ve got it just right. We’ve had some tail-waggingly good feedback from pets like Buddy:

fluffy white dog next to AATU chicken tins

But we’re always happy to hear from you too. If your cat or dog has benefitted from our unique formula, let us know on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.