Just like their ancestors, your pooch will live a healthy, happy life if they are fed a high protein diet. Read on to find out why...

Did you know dogs are actually classified as omnivores?

Yep - veterinary and scholarly writings label them as omnivores, and it’s true that our canine companions can survive on a diet of either plant or animal origin, having evolved from primarily carnivorous organisms.

However, did you also know that, in order to paws-itively thrive, dogs should have a source of animal protein in their diets - in other words, dogs need MEAT.

But why, we hear you ask, is it so essential? Let us break it down for you…

Where does this dietary requirement stem from?

wolf standing outside

Meat is, and always has been, the main essential ingredient within a dog's diet. This dates through the ancestry of dogs, along the canine bloodline back to the wolf.

Meat was the key provider of protein to wolves, finding their food in the wild, and so a high protein diet for dogs is just as important today.

What effect can a lack of protein have on my dog?

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When nature’s rules are not being followed, your dog is at risk of: being overweight, having itchy, flaky skin, coarse and brittle coats, low energy levels and resistance to infection.

Research compiled by T J Dunn, DVM - a vet based in the USA - showed that 95% of the time, dogs with the aforementioned traits will be consuming diets low in animal origin tissues, and high in grain-based product

Why grain free?

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AATU is free of grain, white potato and gluten which makes it a naturally hypoallergenic recipe that can be enjoyed by all dogs, even those with allergies! Grain free is also a great option for dogs with more sensitive stomachs as wheat and rice can be more difficult to digest.

How can AATU help me?

AATU for Dogs premium food contains a minimum of 80% meat along with other tasty natural ingredients found within its ancestors’ environment, such as fruit, vegetable, herbaceous plants and botanicals. AATU for dogs is a great way to give back to your dog what they naturally require to thrive in life.

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