Price Changes May 2020

To our Loyal and Trusted Customers

We regret that due to situations out of our control we have sadly had to increase some of our pricing this spring, this is not a decision we have made lightly. At AATU we pride ourselves in using the best ingredients and manufacturing methods for our products, but unfortunately due to the increased pressures on our supply chain, partly due to Covid-19, we have seen a considerable increase in costs in recent months. We have done everything in our power to mitigate these extra costs, but in order to keep supplying you with the products your pets deserve and the customer service that you expect from us, we have now reached the point where we have no choice.

Those who have an existing subscription to AATU can continue to enjoy their current prices until 31st July 2020, when we will email you to confirm the change to the cost of your order – you will, of course, have the choice to continue with or end your subscription.

As the creators of the original 80:20 diet for pets, you can rest assured we will never compromise on quality when it comes to feeding your beloved dogs and cats and we want to thank you for your continued custom, in what continues to be a difficult and un-settling time for us all.

The AATU Team