Luxury British Born Cuisine for dogs, the first and finest in evolutionary nutrition

This is AATU

At AATU we understand evolutionary pet nutrition. We know that dogs thrive on high protein diets and derive much of their energy from meat proteins, that they would have historically eaten in the wild.

Designed in Britain, AATU means ‘Noble Wolf’ and is the first and finest in evolutionary pet nutrition. We are proud of our exquisite recipes, made with at least 80% superior single sourced meat or fish and a blend of 20% of the finest fruit, vegetables, herbs and botanicals. 

only the best

All our recipes are made with fresh, raw meat or fish and then cooked with our unique ‘low and slow’™ method, which helps ensure efficient digestion of the animal proteins. Each fresh ingredient we use has been carefully selected and we hand craft all our products in small batches, without grains, white potato or gluten.

The quality of our meat and fish is unquestionable, with a high quantity of succulent, fresh, single sourced meat in every recipe. Each recipe also includes over 30 fruits, vegetables, herbs, botanicals and spices, all of these are human grade ingredients, which we as owners, would be delighted to find in our pantry.

Years of Research

We wholeheartedly believe that after years of researching the best pet nutrition, observing and understanding dogs, using advanced manufacturing technologies and listening to thousands of dog owners, AATU will be the recipe your pet has ever tasted.

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